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Multi Asset Digital Wallet

Securely store, buy, send, and manage multiple digital assets through the Paywiser App and Web Platform (No Crypto-Currencies are being Exchanged, Stored or Transmitted).
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Innovative payment solutions that simplify
how you send and receive money


Card Issuance Services

Paywiser offers a range of services to assist clients with card issuance including, ongoing management for multi-currency and alternate currency cards as well as loading solutions for Visa & MasterCard.

Multi-Asset Digital Wallet

The Paywiser wallet is a personal financial passport and multi-asset digital wallet, allowing users to simply and securely manage multiple assets and currency classes (No Crypto-Currencies are being Exchanged, Stored or Transmitted).

Merchant Settlement Solutions

We provide our clients with innovative, flexible and customisable payment solutions from point of sale, acquiring, processing, white label and more.
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We’re providing the technology that’s
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Innovative Technology

Paywiser is committed to developing innovative products and services that are transforming the traditional payments process. Our technology makes transactions simpler, faster and more secure, whilst delivering products and services that add value and support our customers and partners alike.

Adoption of Open Banking

We use open banking APIs that allow our partners to better meet the changing demands of customers. The adoption of open banking provides substantial benefits including, alternate revenue streams, improved customer experience, and a sustainable service model for typically underserved markets.

White-Label Solutions

Paywiser provides a suite of white-label products & services that simplify payment processing and provides added value for merchants. We make it possible for partners to leverage our expertise, full tech stack and infrastructure and resell our assets as their own.

Products we deliver

Redefining B2B payments through
truly integrative products & services

dB2B Settlement Solution

The B2B platform is a cross border payments platform designed to reduce friction in corporate payments. The system boasts next business day settlement in international locations with a 33% cost reduction to traditional payment methods.

Tx Router Smart Payment Gateway

A truly smart payment page designed to be branded and integrated into your existing ecommerce system. The platform is unique as it enables multiple payment methods from various connected gateways as well as supporting split and Points part payments.

E-Wallet Mobile & Web Solution

A next generation mobile wallet solution that allows users to pay merchants with their choice of digital asset, receive loyalty points or cash from a third party and convert into a preferred form of digital asset (No Crypto-Currencies are being Exchanged, Stored or Transmitted).

Card Program Management

Paywiser offers a full suite of program management services including program design, marketing, card design, card design approval, compliance and portfolio management. We are equipped to operate as program managers for the entire life of a card program or we can provide the necessary tools, guidance and training required for program managers to operate and manage their own card program.


The Paywiser MarketPlace is a powerful and sophisticated digital commerce platform, offering merchants unparalleled flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. The MarketPlace makes it easy for international SME merchants to expand their reach and grow into new channels, geographies and sell online to both businesses and consumers from a single platform.

eVoucher System

The system provides a FCA regulated method for users and merchants to benefit through a simple purchase and redeem process. The customer purchases a non-refutable eMoney Voucher from our system and then uses the voucher to pay at the relevant merchant. The system is easily integrated into any existing eCommerce framework and comes with an easy to use management portal.
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Strategic partnerships with other leading
technology providers ensures customers
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Our Company

The Paywiser company comprises of a global network of geographically focused divisions operating under the same brand name. A geographically structured approach allows us to provide localized solutions and greater flexibility in our product offerings and services.


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