WARNING : We have recently come across several misleading advertisements (falsely representing the Paywiser Group) posted on various Social Media platforms offering products which are crypto-related or otherwise equipped with crypto functionalities (eg. Top-Up). In light of the confusion caused, we hereby CONFIRM that the Paywiser Group DO NOT offer any such products to the customers and we are NOT associated with any firm which provides crypto-related products or service. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be a representative of Paywiser or otherwise receive messages bearing our logo offering any crypto-related products, please do NOT respond or provide any of your personal data or assets to such party under any circumstances.

Warning to Fraudsters : The management of Paywiser will not hesitate to take legal actions against any firms or individuals who are falsely representing us. Actions which cause damage to the reputation of Paywiser will be thoroughly investigated and escalated to the relevant law enforcement agencies for their handling as appropriate.


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Naročite fizično kartico za plačevanje na prodajnem mestu in na spletu, ali pa ustvarite virtualno kartico Mastercard za plačevanje prek spleta, ter preprosto spremljajte porabo. Kartico lahko dodate v storitev Google Pay ali Apple Pay.

Dodajte kartico Mastercard v mobilno denarnico in opravite plačila s pametnim telefonom.

V aplikaciji Paywiser lahko svojo kartico tudi zaklenete ali odklenete, spremenite kodo PIN ali prikažete podatke o kartici.

Poenostavljamo vaša plačila.

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Get your Paywiser Business card!

The Business Mastercard is designed for business users.

It allows you to make purchases at millions of retail outlets around the world marked with the Mastercard symbol, as well as on the internet, make contactless payments and withdraw cash at millions of ATMs around the world.

Treat your business expenses separate from your personal expenses!

For easy and modern day-to-day business.

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