Multi-Currency Accounts

Paywiser multi-currency accounts solution is designed for individual and corporate use in mind. We streamlined the registration to ensure we could get you set up quickly. Our multi-currency accounts solution enables you to access your funds worldwide and in all major currencies. You can manage your money and spending using our cutting-edge technology multi-currency accounts platform.

Get on top of your money!

Spend and enjoy your money internationally with total peace of mind


Personal Account

Personal Account

  • Easily open your account in minutes online
  • Use your debit card anywhere that accepts Mastercard and UnionPay International worldwide
  • Also offers pre-paid cards for your purchase and travel needs
  • International travel is made easy with Paywiser cards; you can access your money in any currency
  • Manage your funds by using a free budgeting tool

Business Account

Business Account

In addition to all the benefits of the personal account, business account holder also enjoys:

  •  Flexibility of accounts management based on your business needs, open account for each employee, or each department
  • Instant transfer between your business accounts
  • Manage all your accounts with a single login

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