Paywiser payment solution caters to all types of businesses, from online stores brick and mortar businesses to subscription and platform-based businesses. Paywiser solution processes payment with advanced protection built-in to prevent unnecessary loss of revenue for your business. Our 360-degree payment solution offers unique ways to get your money to you faster and more secure.


Paywiser wants you to focus on your business, let us handles getting you the money you earned.

Don’t have a payment web page? Paywiser solution can help. Our payment gateway provides:

  • Fully PCI-compliant and regulated by a Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Integrated with fraud prevention tools
  • Account data protection
  • Support single or recurring payments (for subscription-based products/services)
  • Simple integration with our hosted payment page for a seamless navigation experience for your customers. When your customer is ready to
    pay, they are taken to our payment page, and they are taken back to your business website when they complete the payment
  • Pay and Collect payment option:
    • After purchases, customers are invoiced via SMS/link to make payment
    • Leverage Paywiser hosted payment page with built-in security and fraud prevention
    • Real-time transaction notification


We have what you need to power your business


Paywiser offers:
• Full range of POS hardware for your business storefront
• Support wide-range payment options; card-based, cardless EMV transaction, and QR code transactions
• Read-time transaction monitoring


Paywiser has the solution to get your money to you faster.

Bank Account , Prepaid/Debit Card , E-wallet

Why choose paywiser?

One-stop service to transfer money international


Wide range currencies covered


instantly transfer


Nominal fees charges or competitive exchange rates

Cost effective

Let the people to register as a merchant.

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