The Paywiser e-Commerce platform enables merchants to quickly and securely receive payments online, via email or SMS. A set of APIs enable system to system communication with real -time status of each and every transaction giving you security, certainty of payment and peace of mind.

Payment Form

We are able to provide a number of secure and reliable payment form integration services. The simplest form of payment is via redirection, whereby the customer is redirected to Paywiser’s payment page during the payment process and redirected back to the merchant website once the payment process is completed.

Payments via link (email & SMS)

For customers without a website or an online store, Paywiser’s platform can issue a link for invoice payment by either e-mail or SMS or alternatively, a customised solution can be built to meet your specific needs.

Single Payments

We offer secure credit card and debit card acceptance from major card issuers including MasterCard , Visa and UnionPay International.

Recurring Payments

Suitable for subscription services, membership fees or any other repeating payments such as those from sporting associations, clubs, libraries, and societies. Customers who don’t use the API calls can use the web application (payment button/presented weblink) where the user interface allows individuals to manage, review, and make new recurring payments.



POS Solutions


MiniPos Card payment system is an all-on-one device. It provides secure way of processing payments while having full mobility capability. The hardware (device) and software seamlessly integrates to ensure a hassle free user experience. There are 2 main options:

Option 1

App is installed on an android device (phone, tablet). Additional Bluetooth enabled thermal printer will be required for (Bring Your Own Device) ByoD.

Option 2 : Android POS device.

All-in one Payment Platform for Merchants
Paywiser’s device support multiple payment methods with one device, simplifying your collection process and giving your customers flexibility in how they pay.
Portable smart device for accepting credit cards, and contactless payments – including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Supported Payment Methods

Offer your customers better payment options, faster processing and greater confidence.

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