[ ! ] Be careful! The number of scam phone calls and emails has increased significantly, with fraudsters posing as bank representatives trying to deceive people to give up their money and data (e.g PIN codes). If you notice anything suspicious, please contact us directly. Read more >>

Disclaimer / 聲明書: We would like to warn consumers that Paywiser DO NOT offer any Unionpay International Cards and products / solutions related Crypto Currency Activities and/or Top-up using Crypto Currencies. Recently, we have alerted with many false advertisement on Social Media platform claiming of such functionalities. Further more, we will take legal actions against any firms and indivdual who are falsely presenting our services and damage the reputation of Paywiser. 我們謹提醒消費者, Paywiser 絕不提供任何以與加密貨幣的活動 或 使用加密貨幣充值銀聯國際卡相關的產品/解決方案。最近, 我們注意到社交媒體平台上有許多聲稱具有此類功能的虛假廣告。此外,我們將會對任何冒充我們的服務並損害 Paywiser 聲譽的公司和個人採取法律行動。

Security / Awareness

Dear Sirs/Madam,

Re : Cyber Security and Fraud Warning

We are writing to inform you of a security threat that has come to our attention. Such security threat comes from certain suspicious activity or vulnerabilities that could compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of your personal or organizational data.

In connection thereof, we strongly recommend you to take the following actions immediately to protect yourself and mitigate against any such risks :

  1. Change Your Passwords
    We strongly recommend that you change your passwords for all your accounts, including email, online banking, and any other sensitive platforms. Ensure that your new passwords are unique, complex, and difficult-to-guess. Avoid using the same password across multiple accounts.
  2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    Enable two-factor authentication wherever possible to add an extra layer of security. This ensures that even if your password is compromised, an additional verification step will be required to access your account.
  3. Update Your Software
    Keep all your software, including operating systems, web browsers, and applications, up to date. Regularly check for software updates and install them promptly. Software updates often include important security patches that address known vulnerabilities.
  4. Be Vigilant of Phishing Attempts and Push-Payment Frauds (“PPF”)
    Exercise caution when clicking on links or opening email attachments, especially if they are from unknown or suspicious sources. Phishing emails are designed to trick you into revealing sensitive information or downloading malicious software. Push Payment Frauds (“PPF”) are scams designed by the fraudsters to trick you into making payment to bank accounts for purposes which are unrelated to any of your transactions by urging you to make payment within a very limited period of time. Verify the authenticity of emails and/or attachments before responding to any such messages and requests for payment.
  5. Regularly Back Up your Data
    Make sure to regularly back up your important data to a secure location. In case of a security breach or data loss, having backups will help you restore your information and minimize the impact.
  6. Report Suspicious Activities
    If you notice any unusual or suspicious activity, such as unrecognized transactions, unexpected password resets, or unauthorized access attempts, report it immediately to our dedicated security team at [Contact Details]. Your prompt reporting will help us investigate and respond to the incident effectively.

The Paywiser Team takes your security seriously and we are actively working to mitigate against the risks associated with this type of threat. Our security team is monitoring the situation and taking the necessary steps to safeguard our systems and your data. Please be assured that we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and will continue to invest in measures to protect your information.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours sincerely,
Payment Team

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