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Onboarding e-Commerce

Onboarding e-Commerce

Easy and fast onboarding in only 6 steps.



#1 The registration procedure is quite simple. Clicking on the Merchant Application link below will take you the portal for submitting the application. In order to properly assess the risks and prepare all the necessary documents for connection, please fill out our registration form.

Contract Signature

#2 After successful registration and after we receive the necessary documentation, the signing of the contract received by e-mail will follow. In parallel, you also sign the PCI DSS Compliance Statement and the Privacy Statement.

Website Preparation

#3 The Merchant's website must meet certain conditions. In the process of reviewing the site, we will review your business, review the general terms and conditions, analyze the data, and provide you with the missing content.

Technical Integration

#4 After completing the risk assessment process and obtaining all necessary documentation, the process of integration of the payment system will follow. First, we create a test environment where we can check all the processing aspects of payment processing. You will gain access to the test environment where you or your integrators can test it before creating a production environment. The selected integrator implements PayWiser payment form in your website.

Production Environment

#5 After a successful integration of the test environment of the payment system, we create a production environment. The first production transaction is tested by Paywiser and after a successful test transaction in the production environment, your selected integrator only replaces the test API key with the production one and after that, you can start using the payment system.


#6 PayWiser provides long-term cooperation with quick and reliable support. Good customer support is of great importance to every service provider, therefore we are available for all questions at [email protected]