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e-Commerce Service

e-Commerce Service

The PayWiser e-Commerce platform enables merchants to quickly and securely receive payments online, email or via SMS.

Single Payments
Our simple payment form allows fast and reliable payments in all currencies around the world.

Allows you to accept payments by:
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Moneta
  • SEPA (popular mainly in Italy)
  • Sofort (popular in Austria and Germany)
Periodic Payments
If your service is a recurring nature, you can provide periodic payments that are confirmed only once, after which, in accordance with your general terms and conditions, they take place automatically, without any confirmation of payments. We recommend it for Merchants who offer sports activities, in clubs, libraries, and societies, or anywhere, where you would like to charge a membership fee or subscription. In the event of an unsuccessful payment, you can resubmit a payment request or simply set up our system to do so in your stead.

How can you enable your customers to implement recurring payments?

All those who do not use the API calls can use the web application (Payment button/Presented weblink) where you can also manage, review, and make new recurring payments.

Recurring payments in the dashboard are based on:
  • Recurring (infinite or unspecified number of repetitions)
  • Recurring with a certain number of repetitions
  • In the event of an unsuccessful payment, you can reset a new payment attempt (and specify the number of repetitions and repetition times) in the dashboard.
Payment Form
The security and reliability of a payment form are crucial, therefore we provide several different ways of integrating and using our payment form. The simplest form of payment is by redirecting, which means that, at the moment of making an order a customer is redirected to our payment page, where he/she can make a payment, and then he/she is redirected back to the merchant web site.

Picture: Example of a payment form

Button »Pay« / Payments via link button
You do not have a website or an online store?

Now, that's not a problem anymore. You can simply send a link for the payment of an invoice by e-mail or via SMS. The buyer will receive a payment form at the desired address, after the completion of which the payment will be made.

Payment through the provided online link and payment button are very simple solutions, and you can also customize them according to your needs
In cooperation with Telekom Slovenije, we enable our users the payments with Valú.

Valú is a convenient and secure cashless payment service by a mobile phone.

To obtain payment with Valú, you must first conclude a contract with Telekom Slovenije, and then provide us with the information obtained.
SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area, which represents a single payment area in euros - the euro area. SEPA is an environment where individuals, companies and other payment service users in banks can execute and receive payments in euros, regardless of whether such payments are made within a single country or between countries of the euro area. Such payments are executed under the same basic conditions, rights and obligations, and business practices, irrespective of the geographical area, the country of the ordering customer or the beneficiary customer within the euro area.

Sepa includes 19 eurozone/euro area countries, 9 EU countries, where the euro is not yet a national payment currency, EEA countries, and areas under EU countries governance.

Sofort is a payment method that works through online banking. It works much like SEPA, but it is the dominant method of online banking in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, therefore its use is advisable for any company that wants to do business in this area.