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ParallelChain™ to power Paywiser’s KYC and business operations


ParallelChain™ to power Paywiser’s KYC and business operations

HONG KONG, 06 Feb 2021 – Digital Transaction’s ParallelChain™ blockchain platform has been selected by Paywiser for its KYC and business operations. Paywiser is a global payment solutions company with offices in Asia, Europe, and United Kingdom; they will be using ParallelChain™, a high performance blockchain infrastructure pioneered and developed by Hong Kong-headquartered blockchain company Digital Transaction, to bolster and support multiple areas of its business operations, including card issuance onboarding service and compliance review enhancement.

Paywiser’s adoption of the ParallelChain™ blockchain will also see them deploy eKYC-Chain, one of Digital Transaction’s blockchain products, to perform Know Your Customer (KYC) verification on their applicants. eKYC-Chain includes the unique feature of a 2D/3D anti-spoofing, which can distinguish prints and fakes in real-time. The implementation of eKYC-Chain enables Paywiser to not only strengthen the process of identification verification during the onboarding process, but also reduce the potential risks of fraudulent activities.

Ian Huang, Chairman and CEO of Digital Transaction, said, “Digital Transaction is committed to ensuring enterprises have access to the latest blockchain technology available to empower their business operations. Our collaboration with Paywiser is a testament to the enterprise blockchain market evolving towards a demand for much higher performance blockchains with no compromise. ParallelChain™ is a global leader in that category.”

“Blockchain is an integral part of FinTech and has demonstrated its capability to facilitate instant, secure and low-cost transactions and KYC processes, and introducing the latest blockchain technology into our operations will ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of the global FinTech industry.” Louie Ho, Asia COO of Paywiser, noted, “ParallelChain™ and eKYC-Chain match our vision and commitment of reducing onboarding risks while leveraging blockchain products in delivering the most optimal, efficient and user-friendly financial solutions to our valued customers.”

Paywiser provides PaaS and OEM solutions in their acquiring and issuing business and as part of this collaboration, Paywiser will become a reseller partner for Digital Transaction’s blockchain products, software and services.

About Digital Transaction Limited
Founded in 2018, Digital Transaction Limited (DTL) is a Hong Kong breakthrough enterprise blockchain technology company. DTL is the home of ParallelChain™, the fastest, most scalable and the only GDPR privacy compliant blockchain in the world coupled with seamless interoperability with existing blockchains. With 6 US patents pending, an award-winning technical team, strong business execution, and deep market insight, DTL consistently rolls out technical innovation leading the Distributed Ledger Technology movement with unmatched products that will unlock enterprises’ digital transformation initiatives. For more information, visit https://www.digital-transaction.com/

About Paywiser
Founded in 2017, Paywiser is a FinTech company with offices in Slovenia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. The company’s main focused is providing acquiring, issuing & remittance services to individual and corporate enterprise.  An one stop shop global solution that facilitates multicurrency payment acceptance and transfer of funds in a secure environment. Learn more at https://www.paywiser.com/

Media Contact

Jason Li
Marketing Communications Manager, Digital Transaction Limited

Louie Ho
Asia COO, Paywiser Limited