Money Laundering Reporting Officer – Slovenia


Founded by a team of industry leaders with over 50 years’ combined experience in payment and finance technology, foreign exchange and loyalty, Paywiser is at the forefront of the global payments technology industry, providing innovative platforms and systems for merchants and partners worldwide.

Established in 2017, Paywiser is a global Fintech company focusing on providing businesses with a singular platform to manage their payment issuance and acceptance operations.

A solid bridge between Asia, Europe and the UK. With offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Slovenia & the UK. Paywiser offers SMEs a unique PaaS solution that facilitates multicurrency payment acceptance and transfer of funds in a secure environment.


Act as an Approved Person for the prevention of money laundering;

Develop and maintain the firm’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) policy in line with evolving statutory and regulatory obligations;

Support and coordinate management focus on the money laundering risk in individual business areas;

Assist management in developing and maintaining an effective anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) compliance culture;

Ensure that the firm’s risk management policies, risk assessment profile and their application are adequately documented;

In consultation with management, create and maintain the money laundering risk- based approach and the risk assessment of the firm’s customers, products and services;

Establish and maintain appropriate risk-based monitoring processes that are proportionate to the firm’s operations’ scale, nature, and complexity;

Develop internal procedures in line with the requirements of the legislation and the relevant industry guidance;

Document the firm’s risk-based strategies and the basis for the risk assessment and monitoring process;

Ensure all internal suspicious activity reports (SAR) received are investigated without delay;

Ensure that a SAR is submitted to the relevant law enforcement agency regarding all suspicions that have substance;

Ensure that all staff are aware of their personal obligations and the firm’s policies and procedures and that the basis for the firm’s risk-based approach is understood and applied;

Ensure that staff comply with the stated policy and monitor operations and development of the policy to this end;

Ensure that all relevant staff are adequately trained in money laundering and terrorist finance prevention, that the standards and scope of the training are appropriate, and that appropriate training records are kept;

Regularly review the effectiveness of money laundering compliance policies and procedures to prevent money laundering and counter the financing of terrorism;

Provide management information as necessary, including an Annual Report each year for the Board and senior management on the firm’s compliance with its obligations;

Make recommendations for action to remedy any deficiencies in policies, procedures, systems or controls and follow up on those recommendations;

Represent the firm to all external agencies, e.g. regulators or law enforcement agencies, and in any other third-party enquiries related to money laundering prevention, investigation or compliance;

Remain aware of any relevant sanctions, prohibitions or advisory notices. Also, if necessary, advise management and relevant staff of the names of any individuals and institutions on the sanctions list;

Promptly respond to any reasonable request for information from the regulator and/or law enforcement agencies.


Bachelor degree in Law, Accounting, or related disciplines. Master degree preferred;

At least 5 years of experience in the same capacity in the Finance/Fintech Sector

Have excellent knowledge on and understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements in the UK and EU;

Be able to apply his/her knowledge to practical solutions and be pragmatic in making recommendations so as to cater for both the regulatory requirements and the needs of the business;

Be able to communicate effectively at all levels, including the regulators, and be able to explain the impact and implications of regulation on the business both in writing and in person;

Be able to analyze information and investigate solutions to ensure that appropriate procedures are formulated;

Be able to deal with staff at all levels and influence policy and decision making at the highest level and ensure that it reflects compliance requirements;

Manage a team of compliance – based projects;

Be able to establish good working relationships with the senior management, riskmanagement department and the regulator;

Have the ability to develop and maintain a network of relevant contacts within national and where appropriate international financial institutions, regulatory bodies, law enforcement and professional groups;

Excellent English language and written skills are required.



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