We did not meet your expectation?

Please send your complaint to us in writing:

  • by post to PAYWISER d.o.o., OE Complaints, Bravničarjeva ulica 13,1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • by e-mail to: [email protected]
  • via the online form located below on this page

The full appeal procedure is described in the policy, available here.

Paywiser will process the data included in this form to contact you and manage your complaint.

    How to file a complaint?

    We’re sorry that you wish to raise a complaint.

    We will carefully investigate your complaint. In case we need more information from you, we will reach out directly via email.

    Our Customer Support will respond as soon as possible and latest within the statutory deadline.

    We are kindly asking you to always include following, when filing a complaint:

    • information about the complainant (name and surname or title and registered office of a legal entity, as well as address, e-mail address and telephone or other contact information for sending the reply);
    • description of the event and indication of key facts and date of the event;
    • submission of evidence to confirm the facts on which the claimant’s claim is based, if the claimant has it;
    • claim of the complainant (if relevant).

    The full appeal procedure is described in the policy, available here.

    User requests to rectify a payment transaction error shall be dealt with under specific or additional conditions, and the General Terms and Conditions of each product or service in force at the time, which shall set out the procedure for resolving such complaints.

    How long does it take to handle a Complaint?

    All complaints concerning payment services, such as transfers and card transactions will be resolved within 15 business days, per the European Payment Services Directive II (PSD2). If we need more time to assess your complaint, we will let you know but we must provide our response within 35 business days.

    Shall we not receive a requested response from you, we may close your complaint. If you reach out to us again later than requested, we will open a new file and provide a new complaint reference number.


    And if you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint?

    If you are not satisfied with our findings, you can file an initiative for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes at Attorney Simona Goriup (Miklošičeva cesta 26, 1000 – Ljubljana,, or you may wish to consider further advice from independent third parties or supervisory authority of  the Republic of Slovenia:  Banka Slovenije, Slovenska 35, 1505 Ljubljana, Slovenija.

    More information in Article 10

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