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API Docs – ATM Solution (Taiwan Bank)


Paywiser Integration Guide

ATM Solution (Taiwan Bank)


To process a transaction using TxHandler, post a form via HTTP POST to https://merchant.paywiser.com/secure/txHandler.php. During the transaction, the user will be redirected to make payment and then send back to a user defined location and the result of the transaction can be received as postback to a user defined script/page

Payment Parameters
Name Required (Yes or No) Description
sid YES Site id (unique identifier for the web site)
tid NO Tracking id (must be unique for each transaction)
postback_url YES The URL of the page used to recieve the TxHandler postback. The response can be read from $_POST array.
hash YES md5 hash of sid+timestamp+amounttotal+currency+rcode ie:
amounttotal = (item_amount_unit[] * item_quantity ) + amount_shipping + amount_tax – amount_coupon
timestamp YES ie: 1234568995265421
card_type YES ATM
firstname NO Frist name of the customer
lastname NO Last name of the customer
phone NO 10 to 14 numeric digits
email YES Email
mobile NO Mobile number
address NO Customer address
suburb_city NO Customer suburb or city
state NO Customer state, 2 digit code for US/Canada
postcode NO Customer postcode/zipcode
country NO Customer country, ISO 3166 2 digit code
currency YES Transaction currency[currency in which the gateway is setup], ISO 3 letter code
ie : CNY
amount_shipping YES Transaction shipping amount. 0.00 if nothing
amount_coupon YES Coupon amount. 0.00 if nothing
amount_tax YES Transaction shipping amount. 0.00 if nothing
item_quantity[] YES Quantity of each cart item
item_name[] YES Article names for each cart item
item_no[] YES Descriptions for each cart item
item_desc[] YES Descriptions for each cart item
item_amount_unit[] YES Price per unit for each cart item in two decimal place
ref1 NO Merchant reference field
ref2 NO Merchant reference field
ref2 NO Merchant reference field
ref3 NO Merchant reference field
ref4 NO Merchant reference field
tx_action NO PREAUTH (this is required during testing, optional for live account)

There will be two responses one with tx_action =PREAUTH and another with tx_action = SETTLEMENT. The transaction is completed when you receive the response with tx_action=SETTLEMENT The response will be sent to postback_url given in the post.

Name Required (Yes or No) Description
sid String Has the sid where transaction was processed
status String Has the value “OK” for a successful transaction, or “EXC” for a failed transaction.
parent_txid String Parent transaction id
txid String The transaction ID
tx_action String The state change txaction, e.g. “PREAUTH” or “SETTLEMENT”
amount String The amount processed.
currency String The currency in which the transaction was processed
comment String Response from the gateway
descriptor String Gateway descriptor name
tid String From the original transaction
ref1 String From the original transaction
ref2 String From the original transaction
ref3 String From the original transaction
ref4 String From the original transaction
vrfy String This is a sha 256 hash so the data can be verified. To generate hash with sha256 the string of
error If an error has occurred, then the status value will equal “EXC” and these parameters will be sent as well. Detailed error will be present only if we receive it from the processing gateway.
error_type String error_type
error_sys String The system that caused the error (client or server)
error_msg String The error message
error_info String Error information that contains the bank message and bank code
error_code String error_code
Sample Test Code

form action=”https://merchant.paywiser.com/secure/txHandler.php” method=”post”
txaction: input type=”text” name=”tx_action” value=”PREAUTH”
sid: input type=”text” name=”sid” value=””
postback_url: input type=”text” name=”postback_url” value=””
timestamp: input type=”text” name=”timestamp” value=””>
hash: input type=”text” name=”hash” value=””
firstname: input type=”text” name=”firstname” value=””
lastname: input type=”text” name=”lastname” value=””
phone: input type=”text” name=”phone” value=””
email: input type=”text” name=”email” value=””
address: input type=”text” name=”address” value=””
suburb_city: input type=”text” name=”suburb_city” value=””
state: input type=”text” name=”state” value=””
postcode: input type=”text” name=”postcode” value=””
country: input type=”text” name=”country” value=””
currency_code: input type=”text” name=”currency” value=””
amount_shipping: input type=”text” name=”amount_shipping” value=”0.00″
amount_tax: input type=”text” name=”amount_tax” value=”0.00″
amount_coupon: input type=”text” name=”amount_coupon” value=”0.00″
card_type: input type=”text” name=”card_type” value=”ATM”
ref1: input type=”text” name=”ref1″ value=””
ref2: input type=”text” name=”ref2″ value=””
ref3: input type=”text” name=”ref3″ value=””
ref4: input type=”text” name=”ref4″ value=””
table tr td
item_quantity: input type=”text” name=”item_quantity[]” value=””
item_name: input type=”text” name=”item_name[]” value=””
item_no: input type=”text” name=”item_no[]” value=””
item_desc: input type=”text” name=”item_desc[]” value=””
item_amount_unit: input type=”text” name=”item_amount_unit[]” value=”0.00″
/td /tr /table
input type=”submit” value=”Submit”