It is with great excitement to announce that further to granting the Mastercard Principal Membership for Paywiser d.o.o., Paywiser Limited in the UK has obtained Affiliate Membership with Mastercard; sponsored by Principal – Paywiser d.o.o. The membership will allow Paywiser Limited with acquiring and issuing of Mastercard in the UK. This collaboration exemplifies Paywiser’s mission of creating simple, secure, and efficient transactions globally by delivering better financial process flow for our merchant partners and customers.

Paywiser’s acquiring business allows in-store and e-commerce merchant partners to accept Mastercard credit and debit cards, and other mobile payment methods, such as ApplePay, Google Pay from customers. This license means that Paywiser can meet the needs of the growing customer base in and around the covered region.

By securing the Affiliate Membership with Mastercard, Paywiser will assure the company’s continuous growth and to build a stronger gross margin for our acquiring and issuing business. Paywiser will continue to be at the frontier of the global payments technology industry and the expansion of innovation platforms, systems, and services for our customers and partners worldwide.

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