Following the success of becoming a principal member of UnionPay International (UPI) in the UK, Paywiser is proud to announce that we have also obtained the principal membership for Paywiser Slovenia (Passported to operate across Europe). The principal membership enables Paywiser d.o.o to facilitate the issuance of UPI prepaid and debit cards and to provide acquiring services to merchants.

With the growing trend of e-commerce businesses in Europe, Paywiser sees the need to solidify its global expansion strategy. UnionPay International is an international card scheme with one of the world’s largest cardholder bases; this partnership will enable Paywiser’s customers and partners to access UPI’s benefits through their prepaid and debit cards. Additionally, the customers and partners will continue to benefit from Paywiser’s innovation platforms, systems, and services to its customers. 

The ability to provide acquiring services is a great additional asset offered to merchants, as they can now access and provide services to a border set of customers (for online and In-Store Purchase).  With the UPI principle membership, Paywiser can now process UPI card payment transactions, which means merchant’s can now also accept UPI cards to increasing customers and revenue. 

Paywiser is committed to being at the forefront of the global payments technology industry, and this membership is another example of our commitment to our customers and partners.

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