The Smarter Way to Pay with your Paywiser Mastercard® Debit or Credit Card.

At Paywiser, we thrive on giving you a better purchasing experience. Our Paywiser cards already provide the convenience and security of your purchase payment around the globe, but we want to provide you with more. You can now use your Paywiser Mastercard® through Apple Pay®. With your Paywiser cards in your Wallet app, making a purchase is easier and quicker than ever with a simple touch of your compatible Apple device.

You can make purchases with the comfort of knowing that using your Paywiser Mastercard® through Apple Pay® are secure. Using your Paywiser cards with Apple Pay® will give you extra security features, such as built-in features to disable Apple Pay® if you lose your device. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about giving out your card number or your purchase information being tracked or stored when you make your purchases.

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